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Jan/Feb Lincoln-Douglas Brief

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Jan/Feb Lincoln-Douglas Brief

Resolved: Public colleges and universities in the United States ought not restrict any constitutionally protected speech.



Our Jan/Feb Lincoln-Douglas Brief is 464 pages long and includes in-depth Topic Analyses by Bennett Eckert, Mitali Mathur, Felix Tan, and Bailey Rung, 325+ cards, Framework suggestions, and more!

Our briefs for Lincoln-Douglas Debate are fundamentally different than other available files. Lincoln-Douglas Debate has a wide variety of styles and argumentative approaches, and we want to help students understand all angles of topical discussion. Our briefs provide both traditional and progressive style analyses and argumentation to ensure that every debater is well prepared, no matter what style they follow. Each brief includes five topic analyses from coaches and debate alumni with a variety of perspectives. Following this, we provide you with basic and advanced frameworks to help you achieve an understanding of the plethora of approaches to the topic. We believe that our briefs will provide you with the most developed understanding of every topic and every perspective.

As educators, we believe it is important to help students learn argumentation, research, and critical thinking skills fostered by debate. Our briefs are designed to facilitate real learning, helping students to not only succeed in their debate rounds, but build a foundation of expertise that will benefit them for a lifetime.